ChatGPT Talk Live in Colchester

Including demo and hands-on session

ChatGPT talk in Colchester

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

šŸ“£ Don't Miss Out on Our Upcoming ChatGPT Experience with Rob Hadingham! šŸ¤©

šŸ“† Mark your calendars for an event that's sure to get your digital pulses racing! On June 22nd, we're thrilled to welcome Rob Hadingham, the tech guru from, to the illustrious Officer's Club in Colchester. šŸ›ļø

Rob will kick off the event with a lively and enlightening introduction to ChatGPT, your fascinating AI companion. šŸ¤– This will serve as your gateway to the world of artificial intelligence and its incredible possibilities. šŸŒŒ

But that's just the beginning! šŸ’„ Following the introduction, you'll get to witness ChatGPT in action during a live demo conducted by Rob himself. Prepare to be amazed as he navigates the ins and outs of this cutting-edge technology. šŸ’»šŸ‘€

Eager to get your hands dirty? šŸ™Œ Rob has you covered. The climax of the session will be an exclusive hands-on session where you can explore ChatGPT up-close and personal. This is a fantastic opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about AI! šŸš€

Fancy a drink while you're at it? šŸ· The afternoon might just wind down with a gathering in the bar where you can mingle, network, and perhaps continue discussing the exciting world of AI over a well-earned bevvy. šŸ»šŸ„‚

Here's the catch though: space is limited! āš ļø We're all about quality over quantity, and we want to ensure that everyone attending has an engaging and enriching experience. So, if you want to secure your spot, we highly recommend you email us early to book your place. šŸ“§ You wouldn't want to miss out on this rare opportunity, would you? šŸŽ«

This ChatGPT talk is part of Colbiz networking and is free to attend. Please email for more information and updates - places are limited.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Let's delve into the world of ChatGPT together. šŸŽ‰šŸ„³

ChatGPT Training Colchester

We're running trial training events for ChatGPT in Colchester at the end of May. The training is hands-on and guided by Rob Hadingham. Please email for more information and updates - places are limited. The training course will officially launch in June 2023 but you can get free early access as we try different things out - just drop us a line [Edit: very limited spaces left].